Linggo, Agosto 14, 2011

(this poem is inspired by my friend's favorite hero when we
were still playing as a team in LOL. .he's hero is such a
coward he deserves a poem.)

The Tale of the Cocky Croc

Roaring with abysmal temper he comes
Emerging from the sea of golden sands,
Plunderer of town goods, lord of all bums;
Insatiable are his lavish demands.
Children scream at his formidable sight,
He's wont to snarl at them and seize their snacks,
Even grandma's cereal he takes into flight,
Eat your meals now ere he comes to your stocks.
Present at feasts, great deserter in war,
Splendid at tables, coward in battle;.
Unbeaten in naps, in frolic he’s Czar,
Come rain or sunshine he's always idle.
Know his name, 'Boozer of the Sands',
Spread the word and warn the other lands.

(REPICHEEP is my friend's name, the ensuing 5 letters describes his fav char^^.hahahaha)

-by Amumu (H.N.)

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