Martes, Agosto 9, 2011


by Helios Narcissus

(dedicated to shine trinidad of Tondo)
Straight thine eyes and prove me true,
Hold thy tongue and hear me speak;
I desire not thine heart to woo
Nor flatter thee babblings do I seek.
Ease my mind of a vexing malady,
The very essence of mine rhyme is;
Relief rests in the house of melody,
In her bosom dwells comfort and bliss.
Never have I felt that Time does fleet
In a world of bleak and somber skies;
Dullness vanished when I came to meet
A well-favored damsel of enthralling eyes.
Days fade quickly when we’re together
Ill time hastens his tedious course,
Moments slack when I yearn for her,
Grieving my soul to Plutonian shores.
Let earth be still so I may gaze
At the splendor of her radiant beauty;
Delight mine ears and be amazed
In her voice that brings serenity.
May fate be not ill as to withhold,
Estrange me from this celestial maiden;
Time does Inter the stories told
Yet is she immortal in my pen.
Oh to have seen an angel face to face,
Unlocks the chains that once bound me from grace.

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