Lunes, Agosto 29, 2011

The Pulley

(Just want to share this wonderful poem written by one of the
  brilliant poets of the earlier centuries. It tells me that
  ,sometimes, God allows Unrest and Troubles in our life to
  make us weary. And when we're right down dejected and crest-fallen,
  He's right there waiting for us to draw ourselves closer to Him. )

               VVHen God at first made man,
Having a glasse of blessings standing by;
Let us (said he) poure on him all we can:
Let the worlds riches, which dispersed lie,
               Contract into a span.

               So strength first made a way;
Then beautie flow’d, then wisdome, honour, pleasure:
When almost all was out, God made a stay,
Perceiving that alone of all his treasure
               Rest in the bottome lay.

               For if I should (said he)
Bestow this jewell also on my creature,
He would adore my gifts in stead of me,
And rest in Nature, not the God of Nature:
               So both should losers be.

               Yet let him keep the rest,
But keep them with repining restlesnesse:
Let him be rich and wearie, that at least,
If goodnesse leade him not, yet wearinesse
               May tosse him to my breast.

-by George Herbert


Linggo, Agosto 21, 2011

On a Boat


                           On a Boat

I             rode       on     a           boat         with            Al-Kenzee
  He       slept     while       we're       on        CHina     Sea
      A               ferry                man              shouted,
         How    much         that     thing       snouted?
           I   replied,    "'tis     no    pig    you  see",
             'tis     my     friend's buoyant tummy.

-by Helios Narcissus

Linggo, Agosto 14, 2011

(this poem is inspired by my friend's favorite hero when we
were still playing as a team in LOL. .he's hero is such a
coward he deserves a poem.)

The Tale of the Cocky Croc

Roaring with abysmal temper he comes
Emerging from the sea of golden sands,
Plunderer of town goods, lord of all bums;
Insatiable are his lavish demands.
Children scream at his formidable sight,
He's wont to snarl at them and seize their snacks,
Even grandma's cereal he takes into flight,
Eat your meals now ere he comes to your stocks.
Present at feasts, great deserter in war,
Splendid at tables, coward in battle;.
Unbeaten in naps, in frolic he’s Czar,
Come rain or sunshine he's always idle.
Know his name, 'Boozer of the Sands',
Spread the word and warn the other lands.

(REPICHEEP is my friend's name, the ensuing 5 letters describes his fav char^^.hahahaha)

-by Amumu (H.N.)

Martes, Agosto 9, 2011


by Helios Narcissus

(dedicated to shine trinidad of Tondo)
Straight thine eyes and prove me true,
Hold thy tongue and hear me speak;
I desire not thine heart to woo
Nor flatter thee babblings do I seek.
Ease my mind of a vexing malady,
The very essence of mine rhyme is;
Relief rests in the house of melody,
In her bosom dwells comfort and bliss.
Never have I felt that Time does fleet
In a world of bleak and somber skies;
Dullness vanished when I came to meet
A well-favored damsel of enthralling eyes.
Days fade quickly when we’re together
Ill time hastens his tedious course,
Moments slack when I yearn for her,
Grieving my soul to Plutonian shores.
Let earth be still so I may gaze
At the splendor of her radiant beauty;
Delight mine ears and be amazed
In her voice that brings serenity.
May fate be not ill as to withhold,
Estrange me from this celestial maiden;
Time does Inter the stories told
Yet is she immortal in my pen.
Oh to have seen an angel face to face,
Unlocks the chains that once bound me from grace.

Lunes, Agosto 8, 2011


My heart flickers like a parcel in the night sky
Entombed in utter darkness where oblivion draweth nigh,
Living borrowed time like a drifted chaff
Bliss and joys seem not enough.
Amidst this maelstrom of hazy confusion
Clings a shimmering hope that gives my life a reason
Her pains and toils remind me to endure
Entrust myself to God’s sublime future.
No storm how dreadful lingers forever
God gives no test that we can’t mount over
And as I wake upon each new morn
Yahweh I praise, it was she that had me born.

-by H. Narcissus

A Poem for My Mother

O zephyr wind that gently blows
Send my love to the other coast
For yonder dwell a part of me
Of which without I cannot be.

O flocks that fly above the azure sky
Perchance you see her passing by
Yourselves maneuver in such way
She'll smile and have a brighter day.

O gypsies fair all cloaked in black
Sing to her your mellifluous track
Let her cares vanish with each tune
Make her celebrate this month of June

O roses red with sweet perfume
Carry her thoughts to Elysium
Where neither care nor worry breathes
Where joy and peace and plenty meets.

No gifts nor any concrete thing
May replace the love you always bring
So i pray to the Heavens up above
More length of days you will always have.

As time paints its mark upon your face
Know that your beauty will hold its place
For that wonderful soul you keep within
Transcends the beauty of an aged skin.

-by H. Narcissus

In Loving Memory

(dedicated to Jhumil's father)

How oft doth time shakes us from our nests,
that our cushions be turned into sharp splinters;
how oft doth it carries us to bllssful heights,
and oft shall leave us falling in tears.

To my Deutchess

they say the world gets worst and worst every day,
and the skies portend of an impending doom;
but to simply gaze into your eyes takes it all away,
for out of your lips divine, doth a new paradise bloom.

On a Hot Afternoon

I saw her amidst a clamoring crowd,
Whilst the blazing sun schorched my skin;
O what divine grace hath heaven bestowed
To this lass whose face is of angel’s kin.

Her eyes pierceth like a lynx’s bend
That I can barely hold her stunning gaze;
Her saccharine smile makes heaven descend
And drives this burning hell out of place.

Might this be mirage, a mere illusion?
Truly such fair nymph could never exist,
Come might this same searing afternoon,
And see her no more like an evanscened mist.

-by H. Narcissus

He Longs for His Muse

Thou wishest me now to stir my pen
And write thee songs of sweet melody,
Can thou pluck apples from a barren
Tree, can a hollow comb drip honey?

For my Muse would not strike a note
Nor whisper amorous words to mine ear,
She leaves my soul in constant draught
I yearn for comfort but nought is near.

Come back to me my fair maiden Muse,
For summer is cold without thine presence,
I’ve bore much burden but I refuse
To endure torment of thine absence.
- by H. Narcissus

Sonnet 8

My heart’s like a high-speed train
Whenever I see you pass my lane;
Young lady how you stifle my breath
You’d almost send me away to death.

It’s hard to act like I dont care
Each time your eyes to me would stare;
You fill my nerves with ecstacy,
How my soul yearns for you constantly.

How long this tongue of inferior breed
keep this my burning ember buried?
Should I wait the crafting hands of fate
To converge our paths to random date?

If my mouth be mute and my eyes be meek,
Let my humble rhyme to your heart speak.

-by H.Narcissus