Lunes, Agosto 8, 2011

Sonnet 8

My heart’s like a high-speed train
Whenever I see you pass my lane;
Young lady how you stifle my breath
You’d almost send me away to death.

It’s hard to act like I dont care
Each time your eyes to me would stare;
You fill my nerves with ecstacy,
How my soul yearns for you constantly.

How long this tongue of inferior breed
keep this my burning ember buried?
Should I wait the crafting hands of fate
To converge our paths to random date?

If my mouth be mute and my eyes be meek,
Let my humble rhyme to your heart speak.

-by H.Narcissus

2 komento:

  1. loving your Filipino language setting. Thumbs up on your poems! Especially how you laid on the table your longings and said feelings. You'll make a not so typical Romeo-romantic lover boy! lol. Keep writing. <3