Biyernes, Marso 16, 2012

First Sighting of Robinson's Place Opening

 It was a searing afternoon. The vehicles around me were moving at a jerking pace. Somehow in the near distance, there must be something that’s causing all this traffic . Well, it’s March 15, and today is the opening of Robinson’s Place at Calasiao, Pangasinan.

Upon setting on its territory, one would notice the incredible number of people swarming the area. We were like bees upon a honeycomb. Going past the guard at the entrance, I immediately went to look for my friends who were there to see the place also. Apparently, that was impossible because the place was filled with myriads of faces. Even the escalators were constantly full.

One of the things that delighted me was the presence of the National Bookstore inside. It’s good to know that there’s a salon where you can meet up with old friends like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Harper Lee. There’s also the BOOK SALE store where they sell second hand books. I remember buying some of my collections there. Furthermore, located on the first floor is a music store (I forgot the exact name) where you can buy instruments like electric guitars, drum sets, and acoustics. I went to check some of their electric guitars and they were all quite expensive for me. HAHAHA. I guess I can only stare at them with wistful eyes, for now.

Apparently, Robinson's Place added another craze on the map for Pangasinense folks. If Dora was here, she would have another adventurous episode to spend. I'm just curious how the grand opening will be. Let's find out next month..

Here are some of the pics taken from the opening:

Man, this place is really swamped! :>

Movie goers would sure love to check this new place out! :))

(photos credited to <a href= " > Reginald Agasalon </a>

Huwebes, Marso 8, 2012

PSU hosts Job Fair 2012

        The day is March 8, 2012.  A swarm of hopeful applicants flocked PSU’s covered court this morning. With their resumes at hand and probably some butterflies inside their stomachs, the graduating (mostly are) students have entered the Job Fair. Over 20 companies came to give these candidates a chance to be employed after graduation (and not become couch potatoes at home). Too bad I didn’t belong to the pack (I’m a vampire, that’s why).
        When afternoon came, I had the chance to talk to Inah Madrid, my comrades’ twin sister. Looking at her, she seemed to have undergone a somewhat bumpy ride. When I asked her what the questions were like, she gave something like these:

1.     How would you sell a secondhand toothbrush (ebay, they even sell air guitars there)?
2.     Why do we sell pizzas in a square container (pack,whatever)?

Looking at the above questions, they were some kind of preposterous inquisitions. I’d be shocked myself if these were the ones given to me. But looking more closely, they somewhat prove to be witty. They kind of challenge you if you really know the things that you take for granted. Maybe they could have asked also why we pick our noses, or why there’s night and day, why do cats meow and dogs bark, why bald people wearing spectacles can date beautiful creatures like Grace Lee, or why the hell, while I’m writing this freaking article, am I still freaking single?
            For those of you who are cat curious which companies attended the said event, here’s your menu:

P.S. The order does not imply who offers the biggest or least salary.

1. Sutherland Global Services
2. Escuela de Nostra Senora de la Sallete
3. Carmak Motors Corp.
4. Virtual Wonders Web Solution
5. Motortrade
6. Farmout Central Intouch Tech
7. Trust International ( how bout an 'h' after the first 'T')
8. Paper Corp (TIPCO)
9. S & F Finance Corp
10. Red Dragon Farm/ Bantayan Manpower Services
11. Phil Health
12. Sitel/ Baguio
13. Kamehachi Corporation
14. Norkis Financial Corporatiozn
15. Sun Cellular
16. Jollibee
17. Napintas Logisticas Distribution (only beautiful applicants allowed)
18. ISONN Marketing
19. BHF Family Plaza
20. PR GAZ, Inc.
21. San Vicente Dressing Plant
22. Colorsteel/ Pampanga
23. Rich Bake Inc.

        So there goes your list. If you happen to be a member of one of the mentioned companies and found that I misspelled your firm’s beautiful name, I’m truly sorry. Please do not condemn me or block me from applying in your company in the future. God bless everyone who had the heart to apply for jobs today. 

Martes, Marso 6, 2012

Missing You

by Helios Narcissus
I miss you in each ticking of the clock,
When I'm with you there's nothing that i lack;
My world's a gaping void when you are far,
My love you are my sole sun, moon and star.

Each breath that I take conjures the thought of you,
To light upon your smile rids all my woe;
Each bend that i turn leads me to your door,
My love you are the only one that I adore.

Veteran's Park: The Pearl of a Tumultuous Past

"I shall return". These are the famous words that will forever echo through the tranquil coastlines of Lingayen Beach. These shimmering waters, now only disturbed by timely gushing of waves, were once the stage of the Filipinos' struggle for freedom against the suicidal Japanese battalions. Furthermore, this cool azure panorama bore witness to the crystallization of Gen. Douglas MacArthur's promise as he landed on Lingayen Gulf in the year 1945 with two-hundred thousand american soldiers to aid in the liberation of our country.

These are just some of the images that flashed through my mind as i gazed my eyes around the corners of the Veteran's Park. This historic landmark, built on the year 1995, lies somewhere between the grand structure of the Capitol Building and the timeless waters of Lingayen beach. Upon arriving at the front entrance, one will see several instruments of war situated side by side. There are panzer tanks and AA Guns postured like bulky bouncers ready to take on pale-skinned, belligerent foreigners. If you've ever played Grand Theft Auto, you'd sure appreciate these organs of mass destruction.

Present also are the planes with their heads looking proudly towards the sky. Looking at these aircrafts gives you the impression of old worn-out legionnaires who have nothing more left in them but memoirs of their glorious past. Standing in the middle is a towering flagpole. Somehow it reminds me of the topmast of various pirate ships. Last but not least, there's the sheltered museum. Here, one can read the historic events that Lingayen Gulf holds. If you happened to be asleep during your high school history class, this is your chance to redeem yourself and learn how our country got rid of the Japanese invaders.

How it fascinates me to know that out of the rubbles of chaos, a historic landmark would stand – the Veteran's Park. Each piece it has is a beauty to behold and has its own engrossing story to be told.


What Am I Fighting For?

                  I find myself thinking about what it means to fight for something. Why am I here? There must be a reason why I came into this world. Somehow, to fight for something gives you a definite purpose in life. Thus being said, I would say that there's not a better raison d'etre than to fight for a sublime life for you and for your brethren.

                 When I'm walking on the road and I happen to see a beggar doing his daily routine of asking alms, I can't help but flinch sometimes. Was he born like this? What happened to him? Is there anything we can do to change the course of his destitute life? These are the questions that bombard my mind when I see such mendicants.

             Sometimes when I'm not given the things I ask for, I complain. Why couldn't I have a better place to live? Why do I have to live in a petty, dingy boarding house? Then walking towards home at night, I see little children in tattered clothes, sleeping on the side of the streets. Unconscious of the world around them, maybe these children will find a home at least, in their dreams.
                   I believe that each of us deserve to live a better life. And if it is in our power to open the windows of heaven upon our lives, why not share it to the people around us. I once read a quote that states 'Helping other people reach their goals is the fastest way to reach your own.' Indeed, it is. Look at American Idol’s founder, Simon Cowell. He helps aspirants to become superstars then goes driving his Lamborghini around town. When we start living for other people, when we feel the need to help others realize that life can be beautiful too, grace and blessings will rush towards us.

               The book of Ecclesiastes says that 'all is vanity'. If my life is one of such, then I would like to spend my vain life fighting for the welfare and betterment of others.