Lunes, Agosto 8, 2011

A Poem for My Mother

O zephyr wind that gently blows
Send my love to the other coast
For yonder dwell a part of me
Of which without I cannot be.

O flocks that fly above the azure sky
Perchance you see her passing by
Yourselves maneuver in such way
She'll smile and have a brighter day.

O gypsies fair all cloaked in black
Sing to her your mellifluous track
Let her cares vanish with each tune
Make her celebrate this month of June

O roses red with sweet perfume
Carry her thoughts to Elysium
Where neither care nor worry breathes
Where joy and peace and plenty meets.

No gifts nor any concrete thing
May replace the love you always bring
So i pray to the Heavens up above
More length of days you will always have.

As time paints its mark upon your face
Know that your beauty will hold its place
For that wonderful soul you keep within
Transcends the beauty of an aged skin.

-by H. Narcissus

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