Martes, Marso 6, 2012

What Am I Fighting For?

                  I find myself thinking about what it means to fight for something. Why am I here? There must be a reason why I came into this world. Somehow, to fight for something gives you a definite purpose in life. Thus being said, I would say that there's not a better raison d'etre than to fight for a sublime life for you and for your brethren.

                 When I'm walking on the road and I happen to see a beggar doing his daily routine of asking alms, I can't help but flinch sometimes. Was he born like this? What happened to him? Is there anything we can do to change the course of his destitute life? These are the questions that bombard my mind when I see such mendicants.

             Sometimes when I'm not given the things I ask for, I complain. Why couldn't I have a better place to live? Why do I have to live in a petty, dingy boarding house? Then walking towards home at night, I see little children in tattered clothes, sleeping on the side of the streets. Unconscious of the world around them, maybe these children will find a home at least, in their dreams.
                   I believe that each of us deserve to live a better life. And if it is in our power to open the windows of heaven upon our lives, why not share it to the people around us. I once read a quote that states 'Helping other people reach their goals is the fastest way to reach your own.' Indeed, it is. Look at American Idol’s founder, Simon Cowell. He helps aspirants to become superstars then goes driving his Lamborghini around town. When we start living for other people, when we feel the need to help others realize that life can be beautiful too, grace and blessings will rush towards us.

               The book of Ecclesiastes says that 'all is vanity'. If my life is one of such, then I would like to spend my vain life fighting for the welfare and betterment of others.


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