Biyernes, Marso 16, 2012

First Sighting of Robinson's Place Opening

 It was a searing afternoon. The vehicles around me were moving at a jerking pace. Somehow in the near distance, there must be something that’s causing all this traffic . Well, it’s March 15, and today is the opening of Robinson’s Place at Calasiao, Pangasinan.

Upon setting on its territory, one would notice the incredible number of people swarming the area. We were like bees upon a honeycomb. Going past the guard at the entrance, I immediately went to look for my friends who were there to see the place also. Apparently, that was impossible because the place was filled with myriads of faces. Even the escalators were constantly full.

One of the things that delighted me was the presence of the National Bookstore inside. It’s good to know that there’s a salon where you can meet up with old friends like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Harper Lee. There’s also the BOOK SALE store where they sell second hand books. I remember buying some of my collections there. Furthermore, located on the first floor is a music store (I forgot the exact name) where you can buy instruments like electric guitars, drum sets, and acoustics. I went to check some of their electric guitars and they were all quite expensive for me. HAHAHA. I guess I can only stare at them with wistful eyes, for now.

Apparently, Robinson's Place added another craze on the map for Pangasinense folks. If Dora was here, she would have another adventurous episode to spend. I'm just curious how the grand opening will be. Let's find out next month..

Here are some of the pics taken from the opening:

Man, this place is really swamped! :>

Movie goers would sure love to check this new place out! :))

(photos credited to <a href= " > Reginald Agasalon </a>

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