Martes, Marso 6, 2012

Veteran's Park: The Pearl of a Tumultuous Past

"I shall return". These are the famous words that will forever echo through the tranquil coastlines of Lingayen Beach. These shimmering waters, now only disturbed by timely gushing of waves, were once the stage of the Filipinos' struggle for freedom against the suicidal Japanese battalions. Furthermore, this cool azure panorama bore witness to the crystallization of Gen. Douglas MacArthur's promise as he landed on Lingayen Gulf in the year 1945 with two-hundred thousand american soldiers to aid in the liberation of our country.

These are just some of the images that flashed through my mind as i gazed my eyes around the corners of the Veteran's Park. This historic landmark, built on the year 1995, lies somewhere between the grand structure of the Capitol Building and the timeless waters of Lingayen beach. Upon arriving at the front entrance, one will see several instruments of war situated side by side. There are panzer tanks and AA Guns postured like bulky bouncers ready to take on pale-skinned, belligerent foreigners. If you've ever played Grand Theft Auto, you'd sure appreciate these organs of mass destruction.

Present also are the planes with their heads looking proudly towards the sky. Looking at these aircrafts gives you the impression of old worn-out legionnaires who have nothing more left in them but memoirs of their glorious past. Standing in the middle is a towering flagpole. Somehow it reminds me of the topmast of various pirate ships. Last but not least, there's the sheltered museum. Here, one can read the historic events that Lingayen Gulf holds. If you happened to be asleep during your high school history class, this is your chance to redeem yourself and learn how our country got rid of the Japanese invaders.

How it fascinates me to know that out of the rubbles of chaos, a historic landmark would stand – the Veteran's Park. Each piece it has is a beauty to behold and has its own engrossing story to be told.


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