Biyernes, Abril 27, 2012

Food Trip sa Tapsihan, P40 Only!

It's not uncommon to see that when an event like Pistay Dayat is just brewing near the horizon, lots of merchants are present too. After watching the Limgas na Dayat talent show, me and my two remaining companions went to feed our famished stomachs. I invoked them to go this certain eatery where they offer meals at a really affordable price with the promise of getting your tummy super saturated. This will be the 3rd time that I'm eating at this 'tapsihan'. We were so much having fun eating that I decided to take a video of our rice binging escapade! :)

Food Trip sa Tapsihan worth P40 only!

Hehe. .After this, some of us were looking for comfort rooms. We had to sit for a few moments because standing on our feet became a feat. hahahaha.

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