Sabado, Abril 13, 2013

Numa Numa Grabs “Best Thesis Award”

It was a Wednesday.  I was just facebooking to while away the day when  my friend Reginald posted on my wall, congratulating me for attaining the Best Thesis Award for this semester. I replied in jest saying thanks. I thought he was just horsing around but when my friend Janu messaged me confirming Reggie’s post, I was overwhelmed. I jumped around the living room for some time.  I was really in a sad point in my life due to the depressions brought about my situation. I was like a zombie before I heard the news.  Robert, my thesis companion, was the one who took the recognition on stage. I could not come because I was in Dagupan during that time.

For this I just want to thank the Almighty God for all the blessings He’s giving me everyday.  I admit I take some it for granted. Laus Deo Semper,i.e., ‘Give God all the glory always’. Also, I want to thank my loving guardians, uncle Doey and aunt Rubie Chengay, for being there when I'm in need of a haven. .

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