Linggo, Mayo 6, 2012

Palarong Pambansa Site Overload!!

         What happens if all the dining customers of Jollibee suddenly rushes for the CR, all at the same time? You get the picture. For sure, there's going to be helluva trouble. Well, this is what happened at the Palarong Pambansa official site on May6, 2012.
          If you are just an average netizen who doesn't know much about technicalities, you might instantly get irritated. Especially, when you get an error which says something like "Resource Limit is Reached". This means that you wont be able to view anything from the page. You feel your brows knitting, then your fists clenching. A brewing agony inside of you wants to scream in belligerent manifestation. How the hell can you watch your favorite game online? The question keeps wittering inside your head.
          What actually happened was both a good and bad thing. The Palarong Pambansa website, due to incessant demands from viewers, could not accommodate further incoming delegates (netizens). Overload (or more like clogging, lol) ? Yeah, that's what it is. From May 1 to May 6, 2012, the Palaro site has reached over 1,700,000 hits in the web! That means, people are really digging it, online! I remember myself trying to promote this site to all my FB friends. Sometimes it seems like no one's taking notice. Bleak and somber feelings can't be helped. Oh well, at least I did my part. Then, bam! A lady friend of mine suddenly prompts me and tells me her problem. She can't view the friggin site! You know the explanation.
           Because of this, the bandwidth of the server has been doubled. Doubled! It's now operating on a 60GB Bandwidth compared to the previous frugal capacity. It can now hold more gawkers and watchers alike. And perchance the same problem flashes across your screen, don't carp. Be thankful instead that the 1st live-streamed Palarong Pambansa has been a success!  

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