Biyernes, Abril 27, 2012

A Glimpse of Limgas na Dayat at Sison's Auditorium

On the night of April 26, 2012 me and some of my friends went to watch the Limgas na Dayat Talent Competition. I didn't quite notice the board line which mentions 'talent competition'. I thought this was the Beauty Pageant itself (i only learned later, it was not). It's my first time to enter the Lingayen Sison's Auditorium. I loved the presence of cold air inside (friggin hot like hell outside!). I think it was built to be a theatre of some sort, yeah, like a mini Colliseum.
Here are the some pictures I was able to capture:

too bad the camera's zoom effect had malfunction, daym! but hey that's my lineage's outfit she's wearing. Cordilleran 'tapis'.
 taken from a different angle. . was trying to get close to the stage as much as i can. hehe
just wanted to take a picture of the crowd. ahhh, the crowd! lots of people are doing their best to pull off their own mumbo-jumbos just to catch the crowd's attention.hahaha. im one of em i guess?
These be the handsome fellows who came with me in this venue. From left to right (Kenzee, Ralph, Kevin, Paul) just look at the smile painted upon their faces. what are they thinkin, hmm?
If you have no idea what's gonna happen here, the lady and her partner (wearing a red shirt) will be dancing on that bench behind where the contestant will soon be hoppin around. I forgot the name of this dance. I think it originated here in Pangasinan also. The lad fell one time. one miss...
What do you call that basket dance? i dont know either. lol. here we're situated near the comfort room.
We'll be contacting Lupin the 3rd or Ocean's Eleven to move this adorable chandelier to my room.hahaha. Splendid job on the ceiling. Beautiful!
Zoom function not working? no problem. i ventured closer to the stage. apparently was in a hurry (coz there be lots of people lookin at me from behind, hahaha) daym..didnt focus enough to get a clear shot..but yeah here be the contestants..Just watch the Grand Coronation night on April 30, 2012 at the Capitol.

That would be all the pictures I can share.. I missed the belly dancers and shit. I will have to compensate for that soon..
After this show we went gallivanting around the Capitol for the rest of the evening.

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